Giving Power To Those Who Do Not Deserve It

Giving more power to those than they have is a psychological predicament of so-called black people all over the world. We esteem those who do not deserve it and disrespect those who we should regard highly. The result of this backward thinking is that we make a non-issue of ourselves.

We make a joke of ourselves by painting a mistaken picture of those whom we have allowed to white-wash our thinking. Veneration and respectability are not automatic entitlements just because a person or group of people claim that they deserve it. A person or group of people must have a reasonable and rational basis for being bestowed with them.

Too many so-called black people adore being victims. We have taught ourselves to look at one another, expecting the worst. In doing so, our expectations of one another are self-fulfilling. How have the creators of the universe allowed ourselves to become of no consequence? How have we allowed genetic anomalies to overtake us?

We have carried out this self-destructive feat by giving more power to those than they have. We have helped this catastrophic mind disintegration by esteeming those who do not deserve it and looking low upon ourselves.

It is difficult to be yourself when you are living in someone else’s house and must adhere to their rules. It is worst when invaders are allowed to dictate our house. So-called black people annihilate our life forces when we embed ourselves into an alien culture. A foreign culture that has only been in existence for three thousand years at most and is out of keeping to the natural order.

Your power is not for you to so haphazardly give away. The Mother of existence, who is existence, is not pleased with her children. The Mother of authenticity is allowing her children to make fools of ourselves, seeing as that is where we want to be.

Power is a belief. Artificial entitlements do not have a long lifecycle. The moment of the beast is quickly ending. In the face of this, what are the people going to do with ourselves? Are so-called black people going to fall apart with the biological misprints, or are we going to stand for ourselves and thrive as we have been doing for millions upon millions of years?

It is time to come out of being brain-washed, white-washed, empty shells that critters can dump anything and everything into and again become the Sons and Daughters of infinite beauty that All-Mother made us. Hip Hop artist can do their part by writing mature, uplifting lyrics rather than the inferior, self-defeating, and worthless lyrics that they currently produce.

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Three Steps to Identify and Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

“If you don’t change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” – William Somerset Maugham

Do you know that the average person makes about 35,000 decisions a day? If this sounds amazing, think about the following…

Right now you are making a decision whether to continue reading this article or do something else. In other words, every moment of your life you make individual choices and the total sum of those choices as well as their consequences is what we call OUR REALITY. For this to be even more interesting, neuroscientists say that more than 95 percent of our decisions are made completely unconsciously.

The next question now arises, based on what are you deciding which next choice to choose or what is the thing that most influences the decisions you make. This is where we come to our beliefs, that is, internal programs that govern the vast majority of our daily choices and decisions.


Our beliefs are like software that allows us to see only content that supports such software on our screen. They create our expectations and manage our reactions. We can have many hopes, aspirations and goals, but the actual steps that we need to achieve them we will only be able to take regularly when we at least partially get rid of precisely those limiting beliefs that do not support the direction we want to go.

Although we all have many different limiting beliefs, the good news is that most of them are completely irrelevant and there is no need to deal with them at all. Beliefs that make sense are precisely those that automatically activate in us when we begin to take practical steps on a topic that is currently something important to us, and feel that our life or business is stagnant until we make a concrete move on the topic.

How to get rid of such limiting beliefs?

For starters, it is important to be specific and focused on one area of life for a specific period. Or, better yet, just one goal that you see as priority.

Think of a current goal of your own that is extremely important to you and does not suffer any further delays, while at the same time you feel that you are spinning too much in circle and not taking as many practical steps as necessary given the importance of such a goal.

Then ask yourself the following question:

“What should someone deep down believe that, as a result, would behave in the ways I behave in relation to my goal?”

Then, without thinking too much, start writing down thoughts that come to the surface of your consciousness. They will generally represent precisely the beliefs that most restrict your engagement on the path toward achieving your goal. Once such limiting beliefs “pass” from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind, they will no longer represent the “mechanism” that dominates your decisions, but will only become an option to think about and be able to crucially re-examine.

Once such limiting beliefs “pass” from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind, they will no longer represent the “mechanism” that dominates your decisions, but will only become an option to think about and be able to crucially re-examine.

Take 20 minutes a week for the process and repeat it until you feel that old habits and behaviors no longer have a big impact on your new decisions.

One more thing…

Clients often ask me if it is necessary to have clearly defined goals, that is, whether it is possible to work on getting rid of limiting beliefs without clear goals. My answer is that it is possible, but you’ll need to invest 10 times more time and energy to achieve the same effect.


Because all your attention will be scattered in different directions and because of the lack of clarity of the direction you want to go, it will be difficult for you to define at all what your limiting beliefs are.

No belief by itself is limiting. It becomes limiting only when we feel it hindering us to reach the goal that really matters to us and that we want to achieve.

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