5 Ways to Enjoy Snow With Your Dog

It’s that time of year again where some areas might get snow to play in! We don’t have any here personally, but I am used to winters back east, and can imagine what it must be like to play with your dog and children in so much snow!

Chase the Disappearing Snowball

This one is easy. Just make a snow ball and show your dog how you are ready to throw it. Likely he will chase it and stick his nose into the hole where it lands. Unfortunately, the snowball will probably break apart on impact and he will not be able to retrieve anything. At this point, you make another snow ball and continue the throw and fetch cycle all over again.

I have played his game with Titan. He had a strong prey drive and chasing the snowball was exciting for him, he would get his nose into every landing hole and try to get faster and faster, even trying to catch them before they land; with his jaw snapping shut as he lunged in mid-air. Most of the time he would be too late and stuff his nose in the snow hole after the snowball which he couldn’t find! He would sniff and sneeze to blow the snow off his nose after, and get ready to do it all over again with a snow -fluffed snout!

Have you done this with your dog? How did it work out?\

Chase the Sled

If you have children that are playing with their sled or toboggan in the snow, it is so much fun to have the family dog chase them as they fly downhill! Just make sure the bottom of the hill is safely enclosed for your children and your dog. Every time the sled goes down,so will the dog – great exercise for both children and dog.
We had a cocker spaniel with I was younger who would chase us on our toboggan. So much fun!

Snowy Seek and Find
Have a dog with a high prey-drive that likes to follow scent and track? This game is perfect and there are 2 ways to play.

You can just hide yourself behind a snowy mound or bury yourself in some snow without the dog knowing. Than see if the dog picks up your scent and seeks you out. Or call your dog over to see if she can determine by sound and scent where you are hiding.

You can also build a maze in the snow if you are creative and stand at the end of it, call your dog to see if she can track her way through the maze to get to you. Does she pull it off first try? Or get stuck in a dead end?

These games are great for more athletic, high-energy dogs as they were the brain as well as the body.

Snowman Destruction!

Build a snowman and have your dog tear it down! Digging in the snow is an exciting challenge because the texture is so different. Dogs will love to take down the snowman knowing it is an owner-approved game.

Snow Angles with Tails

You could also just observe your dog rolling in the snow and creating a dog-angle as he scratches his back!

Snow Play for You and Your Dog

This article suggests 5 ways to play in snow with your dog. You can teach your dog to chase snowballs, you can sled-race with your dog, you can destroy snowman (that you built – not the community children’s hard work!) You can even make snow angles together! Let me know which one’s you have tried and what games work best for your kind of dog! Does you dog like the snow?

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Understand How Your Kids Learn

Most kids have the same speaking style as their parents. They have the same style and tone. You may be wondering why it is like that. The reason is that how you raise your children has a great impact on their personality. They learn almost everything from you. In other words, children imitate their parents. As a matter of fact, birth order, genetics, gender and temperament play an important role as far as shaping kids is concerned. This factor has a great impact on the interest, attitude and behavior of your kids. Let’s find out more.

You may have noticed that some of your kids are more forgiving, kind, generous and tolerant. This is because either you or your partner may have these qualities.

Children Tend to Learn What they Live

If your kids get affection, encouragement and gratitude from you on a daily basis, chances are that they will adopt these behaviours. As a matter of fact, this type of behaviour becomes part of their life.

Although they may behave differently in their adolescence, most of them go back to their fundamental values when they come of age. As a matter of fact, most children find their true identity then they have rejected it first.

In the same way, when children learn to live with intolerance, mean-spiritedness, and criticism, chances are that they will have these attitudes throughout their lifespan. Apart from this, teachers and the school have a great impact on the attitudes and behaviours of children. But, it is important to keep in mind that it can be difficult to change the values that children adopt at home. it’s important to note that kids tend to reflect the behaviour and attitude of their parents.

Do you like what you see?

We suggest that you keep an eye on the heavier, values and attitudes of your child, especially when they treat others. If your kids behave the way you want, you deserve a pat on your back as you have done a great job raising your kids.

On the other hand, if your kids don’t behave the way you want, know that you need to work on the way you teach your kids. In some kids, a strange attitude may be due to their psychological state. For example, they may be tired or fatigued. But if they show weird behaviour despite the fact that they have no underlying cause, know that you need to work on your behaviour and attitude.

Your kids may show weird behavior from time to time. But as a parent, it is your job to help them realize the importance of good behavior. You should be able to amplify their good qualities and hide their negative points. This is what is known as behavior management.

You may want to make it a habit to sit down with your partner and review your own behavior and attitude. It will prove a great exercise with the passage of time. Your children are a reflection of you. Therefore, you may want to mark on your reflection first.

Long story short, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article if you want to work on the behavior and attitude of your kids.

Are you on the lookout of a good book on parenting? If so, we suggest that you browse Best Parenting Books to check out their collection of parenting books.

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Current Trends in International Marketing

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. In today’s world, more and more companies are doing business in countries around the world, and that means a greater number of challenges for professional marketers. If you’re planning on expanding your business into the global marketplace, it’s important to stay informed on current trends in international marketing so you can pick and choose which would be most effective for your company. Here then, are some of those trends and some basic information about each one.

Social media
One of the most effective tools for today’s professional marketers can be summed up in two words: social media. No longer just a tool for sharing pictures of family and cute pet videos, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are now an undeniably common way to market and advertise your products and services worldwide. The power of social media as a marketing tool is evidenced by the major league companies that now utilize it with impressive results: companies like Nike, Starbucks, Pampers, NASA, Denny’s and many more can attest to the fact that social media is still a remarkably effective avenue for marketing products and services around the globe.

Video advertising
Live video streaming is a feature that has become increasingly popular among social networks. Using live video streaming for international marketing and advertising efforts is particularly effective for its ability to give consumers and potential customers the opportunity to experience a “real-time” event no matter where they are on the planet. Several companies have found live streaming to be a particularly useful way to conduct question and answer sessions with viewers. This kind of active participation creates a unique connectedness between the business and its customers, greatly enhancing loyalty to the brand on the part of the participants and allowing the viewers to provide live testimonials about the product or service.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
International companies are currently exploring the power of AI to more effectively track and analyze consumer shopping behaviors in countries around the world. This type of information was, until just recently, an extremely time-consuming and challenging set of statistics that was typically only reserved for the largest, most profitable companies which had the manpower required to collect and analyze the results. But thanks to AI, this type of information will soon be within the grasp of marketers working for virtually any size organization.

Cross-sector marketing
Put very simply, cross-sector marketing refers to the practice of utilizing the popularity of other brands to increase the reputation and success of your own. The fast-food industry provides a good example of cross-sector marketing at its most basic level. Studies have shown that fast-food restaurants that are clustered together within a short distance of one another report markedly higher sales than those in more isolated locations. This may sound counterintuitive, but the fact is that several different fast-food restaurants located within the same few blocks provide the consumer with a great variety of choices and increase the likelihood that shoppers will stop to eat. Professional marketers project that cross-sector international marketing will become more commonplace in this coming year, including an increase in strategic partnerships to gain a greater level of success for all those involved. Marketing is, without a doubt, not what it used to be. The fact is that our digital age provides marketing professionals with more opportunities than ever before. Although all these trends are important to keep in mind, remember that the most important aspect of any international marketing campaign is something much more basic: you must be able to effectively communicate with consumers and customers in other countries. And that will mean employing the services of an experienced, professional translator. The first step in your international marketing efforts can take place today by contacting a reputable translation company and finding the translator that best suits your company’s needs.

At MI Translations, our commitment to our customers is as unwavering as our dedication to providing accurate, precise translation services. We have been able to distinguish ourselves because of our team and the processes we employ to guide our work.

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What Does ‘Smart’ Even Mean?

It seems like an obvious question.

If you’re technically minded, you might have a preferred definition of intelligence. ‘The ability to solve problems’ seems on the right track, until you remember 20 lines of Python can solve problems.

Maybe you could call it the ability to solve new problems. It takes way more code to make something that can adapt.

But is intelligence really the same thing as agility?

Maybe, maybe not.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

You might think that intelligence is something we can all agree on. Even if it’s a case of you know it when you see it, smart people are smart, no questions asked.

Except that’s not entirely the case.

What it means to be ‘smart’ varies from culture to culture.

And I reckon you can tell a lot by a society by how it defines it.


Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is undeniably intelligent… by our standards.

But there are plenty of standards that would condemn him and his woeful brainpower.

A common example that shows up in history – from medieval China to imperialist Britain to certain religious sects – is that ‘intelligence’ is about discipline, obedience and rote memorisation.

These social systems wouldn’t just resent his creativity and rebelliousness – they’d see it as a sign of weak mental character.

Our genius, their idiot – all because he doesn’t adhere to their model of a smart person.

Plenty of societies saw conformity as genius. We in the modern West tend to praise entrepreneurial folks – bold, innovative disrupters. Take someone who can memorise textbooks and please their teachers – but not think for themselves – and what would most folks say about them?

“Sure, they score well on tests… but they’re not exactly smart.”

Something to ponder.

And something else to ponder is, what exactly is my point?

Is it a condemnation of the schooling system, with its emphasis on standardised testing, rote learning and creativity-annihilating atmosphere?

Maybe I’m subtly debunking the ‘we used to be smarter’ myth. You know the one – folks take a test from the 1800s aimed at 12 year olds, give it to adults today and watch them fail. “LOL we’re so dum now”. Until you realise those same kids would fail any modern test (and not just the recent history portion). Those old-school tests were entirely (not just mostly) rote learning, often something pointless like obscure rules of grammar. Something you could learn in a tedious day of study, should the urge ever strike you. But it would take years to bring one of those old-timey students up to speed in our subjects.

Perhaps it’s a message of hope.

If folks call/called you dumb for scoring low on tests, you now know a different way to interpret that.

Plenty of folks will tell you tests don’t measure intelligence well.

I might be here to tell you they’re one measure of one interpretation of intelligence.

It would defeat the purpose – in a wicked blaze of irony – if I said one and only one of these interpretations were correct.

But here’s what I was thinking as I wrote this:

Almost everything you think is objective is actually subjective. Smart and dumb, good and evil, hero and victim – they’re all open for renegotiation.

And that’s great news! We no longer see genocide and slavery as right, even though older societies saw them as obviously noble.

The barriers in your life are mostly smoke and mirrors, only it’s lucky to break these ones.

So if you’re too old, too ugly, too dumb, too inexperienced or too poor to build the life you want…

You’re wrong.

At least, you’re using the wrong standards.

Your labels are only fiction, so stop believing them whenever you want.

Okay, that’s all well and good and proper.

But it’s also crazy abstract.

How do you actually build a better life?

That’s a big question with many answers… so why not take 60 of them to get the ball sliding:

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How to Achieve Success Now

There is a vast amount of talking in the present day about “Freewill” and “Fate.” It seems that the majority of society believes that their surroundings and circumstances – their state of affairs – are caused by the subtle, mysterious workings of an omnipotent power, over which they are powerless.

The name of this power, they call “Fate.” And while they vastly disagree on exactly what it is, what it does, and what makes it operate, they do, nevertheless, agree, excluding the acts of
God, that it somehow controls their actions, movements, and circumstances; predestinating them to a prescribed state of affairs – each to his or her own varying degrees of wealth or poverty; health or sickness; happiness or sadness, and a score of other things in between.

While there is, admittedly, some circumstantial evidence that is habitually construed to support their belief in “Fate,” there is no actual concrete proof that could justify a dogmatic view in favor of it. However, the same cannot be said of “Freewill.” There is just too much available tangible evidence to ignore its validity. And because of this fact, the minority – those individuals within it who actually believe in “Freewill” – the belief that we are independent agents responsible largely for our own state of affairs, feel strongly that claim to a belief in “Fate” is a pretentiously evadable tactic used by those within the majority to deny responsibility for their state of affairs – their particular levels of poverty or wealth, happiness or sadness, etc., and to justify their failure to take corrective action to better their state of affairs.

So numerous are the examples that could be given, if space permitted, that support the validity of “Freewill,” and which examples would work, perhaps as well, I have nevertheless chosen Henry Ford because his story is most remarkable in that it embodies, as nearly as possible, the actual essence of “Freewill.” Henry Ford made a monumental decision at the young age of 16 that he wanted to become an apprentice mechanic. Now that does not sound like a monumental decision, but it definitely was in the case of Henry Ford. Unknown, perhaps, even to Henry Ford, his decision was destined to strip “Fate” of its theoretical power and become a perpetual herald to the eminence of “Freewill” – to the fact that an individual, not “Fate,” is responsible for his or her own state of affairs.

Consider carefully the importance that one farm boy’s decision would have on this nation and the world. Because of this decision, Henry Ford would become the founder of Ford Motor Company; and although Eli Whitney was the first to introduce the assembly line method of production, Henry Ford, because of his monumental decision, was to become one of the first to apply the assembly line method of production to the mass production of affordable automobiles and is credited with contributing to the creation of the middle class in American society. Henry Ford’s achievement was labeled “Fordism” because it helped to revolutionize industrial production not only in the United States but also in other countries. Henry Ford did many other things, but this suffices to point out that his decision at age 16 to become an apprentice mechanic was a monumental decision, and it gives validity to “Freewill.”

While most of the world knows of Henry Fords achievements, they do not know of the problem that Henry Ford faced at age 16 when he made his “monumental” decision to become an apprentice mechanic. Here was the problem that confronted Henry’s decision; and regrettably, it is still a problem that challenges many of us today – Had Henry earnestly believed in “Fate,” as the majority does, he would have given up on his goal, resigned himself to the life of a farmer, accepting his “Fate” – a farm boy.

While most of Henry’s family and acquaintances saw Henry as a farmer, Henry was busy seeing himself as what he wanted to become and having the courage to take the necessary action to achieve it. This wasn’t always easy for Henry because his decision was not immediately accepted as popular by his family, especially by his father who, at first, was very obstinate about what he wanted Henry to become – a farmer; However, through the demonstrated determination to achieve what he wanted, young Henry’s father, as did other family members, gradually came to accept and even to appreciate Henry’s decision about what he wanted to become; and they saw living proof through Henry’s own example, that each individual is a “Freewill” agent responsible for his or her own state of affairs – that an individuals state of affairs is determined most largely, not by “Fate,” but by specific actions that an individual chooses through “Freewill” to exercise.

Maybe you are still undecided about what goal you want to achieve, and/or you are still uncertain about which is right, “Fate” or “Freewill”? If so, then you are not alone. People will continue, at times, to have questions about which goals they should pursue and will continue to debate and disagree on the preeminence of “Fate” and “Freewill,” as they always have. It may prove of benefit in helping you arrive at your own decisions about “Fate” and “Freewill,” to weigh the known facts. Namely, that while there is, admittedly, some circumstantial evidence that support a belief in “Fate;” however, there is no actual concrete proof that could justify a dogmatic view in favor of it – the same, however, cannot be said of “”Freewill”. There is such a vast amount of tangible evidence in support of its validity, and the fact that you can change your state of affairs by taking appropriate action; that we cannot ignore the validity of “Freewill;” neither can we ignore its claim to preeminence – consider the example of Henry Ford. Add to this, the fact that there are dozens of others, like Henry Ford, whose names I have not mentioned; whose stories I have not yet told.

Maybe you have an inward desire to be or to achieve some cherished goal, as did young Henry Ford who more than anything else wanted to be a mechanic apprentice. It may be a simple
goal that everyone expects of you, or maybe your goal deviates a little bit, or quite a distance, from what is, or what you perceive is expected of you; and because of this, you are not exactly sure on how to proceed. In either case, do what young Henry did – listen to your inward yearning to be and to achieve what you want in life; not what someone else wants or expects of you – but what you want. And when you are firmly convinced about what goal you want to achieve, go after it like young Henry did; and like Henry Ford, do not alienate yourself from friends and family. Instead, let your determination win their approval and support.

By recognizing and acting on his right to be a “Freewill” agent, young Henry Ford, with his newly acquired skills, was better suited to repair the farm equipment and still, at the same time, disciplined enough to exercise his obligation to help around the family’s farm on his return visits and stays at home. The decision of one 16-year-old farm boy has benefited not only Henry Ford and his immediate family; but it has, and perpetually does, continue to benefit America, the world, and you and me.

Can you imagine the magnitude of the potential loss that we would have endured were it not for the fact that Henry Ford chose to exercise his right as a “Freewill” agent? When you do likewise, what success story will you one day have to share?

Good luck in your journey for success.

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Business Plans – 6 Empowered Actions for Success Now

We’ve all heard the song line, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” But plans, made with the right intention behind them, can be business plans fueled by empowered actions for success now. For all the plans owners make for their business, many are not fulfilled. Just as many more are simply extended to-do lists. Putting the correct energy and intention into the focus of your business plans will make a clear difference in seeing them manifested in the way you choose.

1. Start from the End. Visualize what the final results of your business plan will look and feel like to you. If this sounds backwards, think about it. How can get there if you don’t know what there is? Imagine the feelings you will have and even the sounds and smells associated with your success. Then take this ideal scenario and write it down. Keep it handy and look at it whenever possible.

2. Show Your Benefits. Get clear on how the plans for your business will benefit you. Often plans are made with other silent agendas, such as what our relatives or competitors will feel if we achieve this goal. Do the plans really support you and your business needs or are they vanity plans meant for someone else?

3. State Your Plan’s Purpose. To avoid unnecessary busy work, it’s a good idea to examine the purpose behind your plan. Sending out X number of business brochures to Y number of contacts by Z date, may look good on paper, but what is the true purpose in doing it? What is the result you expect to get from the action plan?

4. Get Clear on Your Intention. There are many possible intentions for being in business. What is yours? Is it for fame or to be self-employed? Do you want to build an empire or simple provide for your retirement? Any of these intentions are perfectly good, but each has an entirely different approach to planning.

5. Define Action Steps. Now that you are clear on the foundation of your business plan, write down the necessary action steps that will take you to your desired end result. This is where it can get tricky. Be aware and awake as this is where some can allow distractions to keep them off course. Distractions can come in many forms, some actually disguised as opportunities. Go down this check list you just created for your business to insure you are not going in the wrong direction when something comes up.

6. Focus Daily on Achievements. Keep daily notes of all your accomplishments and refer to them often. Focusing on all your good results will help maintain a positive frame of mind during challenging times. Remember that you get what you put your attention on, so even though problems need to be addressed, keep your attention on what is working well for you. Watch your business plans be empowered actions for success now.

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Why Silly Spelling Mistakes Can Increase Your Sales

One of my biggest influences, Tony Robbins, has a saying that’s extremely relevant if you run an expert or client business:

“People tend to major in minor things.”

What does this mean?
People have a weird, gnarly tendency to focus all their attention on stuff that does very little to grow their business.

Or improve their life in general.

Case in point:

A couple of months ago, a reader wrote me a “helpful” email pointing out a spelling mistake on page 5 on a 7-page sales page.

But was this actually helpful? Not really.

Here’s why:

Yes, I did indeed make a spelling mistake on that sales page.

But, that sales page still sold regardless of the spelling mistake or not.

In fact, that spelling mistake could actually have resulted in more sales if I had bothered to test it. How? Because, when you’re selling anything through the written word (i.e., a sales page or sales letter), a simple spelling mistake can inject a human element into your writing.

Copywriting is not so much about proper grammar.

It *IS* however all about persuasion… and… about making people *FEEL* a specific emotion at a particular moment in your sales message.

The brutal truth is that the right people (your buyers) don’t care about one measly spelling mistake.

They care about your understanding of the problem they’re struggling with.

And your product should, of course, help people solve that problem.

With that said, your sales message should still be clear and free of as many grammatical errors as possible.

But, you shouldn’t stress about them.

Focus on what really matters:

Which is your clients and how your product or service can help them change their lives.

Today, where people have more options than ever before, it’s not enough for you to talk about your product, features, and how awesome you believe it is.

Kristian’s #1 rule of marketing:

Nobody cares about your product.

They care about how that product can help them change their life.

So focus on how you can communicate the value your product will bring to your clients.

As the old adage says:

“People don’t buy a drill they buy a hole.”


“People don’t buy your product they buy the result your product will give them.”

P.S. Normally, I would run an article like this through a spell check and check for grammatical errors.

But, today, I just sat down and kept writing until I reached the end.

And if you’ve read up until this point, you probably didn’t care either about the few mistakes sprinkled throughout. True?

If you want to discover how to 2x your sales and get more clients for your business, my free online training session is a great place to start.

You’ll learn how to use the old-school principle of “Infotainment” to write emails that people LOVE to read. Including: How to write stories so compelling they immediately draw customers in – even if you’re not a professional writer… and much more.

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Achieve Success Now

Certainly, if you have been pursuing an online income for a time, you are beyond ready to achieve success now. As you well know achieving success now can be very hard to accomplish, so here are some tips to make the process easier and more achievable.

The number one problem usually is getting traffic. This can be accomplished in many ways. Article writing being one of the many free ways to get traffic and many back links (also referred as outbound links) to your website.

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, article writing, blogs and so on. Find out what problems people are trying to solve are things the would like to get rid of and give a useful piece of the answer. Then send them to your website for the rest. Forums are great source for these questions. Also, websites like answers.yahoo.com.

Find a great program that has an opt-in page with a Free Offer for their name and email address. A free report or video targeted to your specific niche. Be sure it is of great value to the reader.

Free online coaching is great. Step by step videos really help and are much sought after. Offer free solutions for subscriber’s problems, so they can change their lives and overcome challenges.

Make your free offers so great in value, that they can’t sleep, wondering what the offers are like if they pay. Make them curious. That will make them one of your best customers.

Deliver on all your promises post haste. There is nothing worst than opting in and not being able to access what was promised. Take great care to make sure you have in place a reliable delivery system.

Utilize your Auto-responder to offer helpful tips on making their membership more valuable, while reminding them of the advantages of upgrading to a paid membership. Keep the value coming.

Always make it easy to opt-in. Make all options known up-front and let them know, upfront, how they can un-subscribe at any time in the future.

In your call to action section, a deadline will point out to the reader the urgent need to make a decision now. An incentive, such as a free offer, video or eBook training. Above all make the reader curious as to what’s inside.

Using these tips can greatly enhance and hasten your ability to achieve success now. Set your goals and an outline or blueprint on what is needed daily and weekly to achieve them. Write down Your goals. Set a date to achieve them. Get on course and stay on course. At this point persistence is your greatest asset.

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Exposure to the Coronavirus As an Additional Risk Factor

The mysterious Coronavirus is acting in a way that even scientists find hard to explain. The disease introduces unexplained phenomena and cases which are incompatible with the explanation that the severity of the disease depends on age and background illnesses. Following are several examples:

The fact that young and healthy individuals in their 20’s, who contract the disease, die.
The fact that elderly individuals over the age of 100 years have recovered from the Coronavirus.
The fact that there are people who contract the disease without even feeling it.
The fact that there are people (not many) who recovered from the Coronavirus and contracted it again.
The fact that some scientists believe that there may be two strains to the disease, one mild and one more aggressive.
These cases must lead, even people who are not experts in the field, to the conclusion that there is another influential risk factor. This factor can indeed be, as described below, the level of exposure to the Coronavirus, or, in other words, the number of viruses to which the body is exposed.
The body’s immune system is similar to a national army. The younger and healthier the individuals, the stronger their army. When foreign and hostile viruses invade the body, soldiers of the immune system immediately mobilize to protect it. The assumption by which healthy people, with no background illnesses, can overcome the virus, is based only on the quality of their immune system, but does not consider the quantity, i.e. the numerical balance of power between the number of immune system cells and the number of the attacking viruses. To better understand the extent to which exposure to the virus can be critical, we will present two examples of contraction – one by a healthy young person who spent time with Corona patients for several days without maintaining a distance, and the other, a healthy young person who only touched a surface several hours after it was exposed to the virus. Clearly, the immune system of the individual exposed to a “small” number of virus cells can overcome them more easily than the immune system of an individual exposed to a much larger quantity of the virus cells.

A different exposure level to the Corona viruses can explain why elderly people with background diseases recover from the virus, why young and healthy individuals die from it, why people experience the disease without feeling any symptoms and why people, who are exposed to a very low level of the virus, fail to develop enough antibodies and contract the disease again. This also explains why there are scientists who believe that there are two strains to the disease, one mild and one very violent

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Designing the Walls of Home

So if you are really renovating your home or just changing the interiors then this time also consider the walls of the home as a part of your renovation or interiors. Generally while designing our home we miss on this aspect of interior designing. A wall can enhance the look of our home and it can become a vital part of attraction for our guests and friends.

Here are few ideas which can help you to design the walls of your home in synchronization with other interiors of the home.

A large size painting or a family photograph can emphasize the look of the wall in your house. If you have a small space then such a painting or photograph can command attention and set tone of the space. You can add a painting or picture you like the most. Also you can opt for a black and white painting or picture. Opting for an artistic frame can also be a good option. Small photo frames or paintings on the walls can also serve your purpose. But again you should not overload the walls with too many paintings and photos, only because you like all of them. There must be decency while you hang your paintings or photos on the wall. Too much display on the walls may look messy.
Display collection of art pieces or wall hangings. Create a gallery wall. This is a good option if you an art lover and an artistic person. Also you can display your collection up to the ceiling to create an illusion of larger space.
Enhancing the look of the walls with bright and bold colors can be a good option. Using bright and bold colors or patterned wallpapers will enhance the look of your home. You can also transform your ceiling when you are thinking about the walls. By adding some of the above decorative methods to the ceiling can have a bigger impact in a small space.
An embroidery piece of art or wall hanging will enhance the look of the space. It can also add softness to the space. Use of vintage textiles can also add to the look of the wall. When you use oversized painting or enlarged pictures it becomes very difficult to transport when you shift to a new house. But the vintage textiles are more easily transportable while shifting to a new space.
If you are a book lover you can manage your book shelves on the wall. Floor space is generally covered with other furniture. So there is no scope for book shelves in any of the corners of the home. Small spaces can make things more difficult. Walls with floating book shelves look impressive.
Chandeliers are a source of light. They without taking up the space on the floor bring in light and style. Chandeliers are eye-catching and they add to the look of walls.
Mirrors can make your walls look amazing. A large mirror in a small space can make the space look bigger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light and make the home look lively ad energetic. You can hang a large size mirror or small mirrors with a saloon style.
Another good option is hanging small plants on your window panes. You can hang wall mounted planters to add life to the walls. You thus add nature to your space.
Try to put a big and bold calendar in your kitchen on the wall. This will help you to mark events or important dates and track your daily or weekly routine.
Those empty walls of your home can be turned into masterpieces. A few additions to your walls can make your home look stylish and eye-catching. With some unique ideas you can turn those blunt, blare and boring plain walls of your home into fascinating artworks. No matter what your taste and style is, your home can have walls according to your taste and style. Whether you are an artist or you are a book lover or you are just an enthusiast who wants a beautiful home, your walls can be personalized as per the things you adore and love.

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